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Rokshield V3 iP5 case

This rugged case from Rokform is the swiss army knife for your iPhone 5. The frame is made from molded polycarbonate and it fits very nicely. Your phone slides in place with a protective inner lining to prevent any scratches. A removable outer bumper can be used for added protection. The back of the case features the RMS system from Rokform. There are various optional attachments that can be used. Examples like a bike mount. tripod adapter, beverage opener clip, sports clip and a magnetic kit. The magnetic kit is one of the most versatile accessories. The 10lb rare earth magnet is strong enough to snap on to many metal surfaces securely and easily.


• Injection molded polycarbonate frame :: v3

• Elastomer rubber protective outer bumper :: Rokshield

• Thermoplastic elastomer non-slip grip insert

• Easy-Stick Remote Mounting System (RMS), mount most anywhere

• Rokguard screen protector

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