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Wind-Blox, the wind noise blocker


Riding bicycles can be fun and relaxing. But the weather is uncontrollable and when it gets windy, wind noise can get annoying. Even with earphones on, sometimes wind noise can be very distracting. Then comes the Wind-Blox. Simply wrap it around your helmet straps and you're set. Nothing to charge, nothing to sync, nothing to plug in. Just a simple attachment and it just simply works. Once attached, you will immediately feel the difference. First notice is the comfort. No longer your helmet straps are rubbing against your cheeks. The Wind-Blox soft material adds a nice cushion.

There are a few different versions of the Wind-Blox:

- Wind-Blox Focus - provides full ear coverage.

- Wind-Blox Pro - low profile with rim to clip design.

- Wind-Blox ProXL - designed for riders with hearing aid or prominent ears.

- Wind-Blox Short Strap - like the Pro designed for Specialize or other fixed-clips helmets.

- Wind-Blox Classic - like the Pro but with 6cm length.


- Simple to attach.

- Nothing to charge, sync, or plug in.

- Multiple sizes available.

- Lightweight.

- Comfort.

- Reflective lettering.


- Nothing to complain about.


Simple is always good. The Wind-Blox is simple to install and remove to wash. The wind noise improvement is immediate. In addition, it also adds comfort against your cheeks. Simply said, it just works. My favorite is the Wind-Blox Focus. It covers my ears comfortably. As the temperature is dropping, the Focus helps to keep warm and block wind noise while able to listen to my music while riding.


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