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Mantis Blackbeard


The fact is ammo are expensive. It's especially true if you own an AR-15. Average .223 caliper bullets are about $0.50 per round. If you like to target practice or just to sight in your rifle, the bullet cost adds up. The new Mantis Blackbeard solves this issue. The Mantis Blackbeard allows you to dry fire practice without the need to recharge your handle between shots and automatically resets your trigger. Simply swap out the bolt carrier and magazine and you're ready to fire. After a few practices, I was able to change it out in 30 seconds.

The Mantis Blackbeard comes with a nice case, a Bolt Carrier and a magazine. There is no need to modify or change your trigger or anything else. Switch out the Bolt Carrier, insert the magazine, safety off, then fire away. Since it uses your existing trigger system, everything feels the same. Obviously there won't be any live rounds and no backfire, just pull the trigger and you'll see a laser on your target. Download the Mantis Laser Academy app and you will be able to target practice using your phone. The app has a lot of features for simulated drills and courses. Will need to another review just on the app.

Package contents:

- Carrying Case.

- Bolt Carrier Group.

- Magazine.

- micro USB cable.


- Realistic dry fire training on your AR-15

- Save thousands on ammunition.

- Used by the US Marine Corps, US Army, and Special Forces.

- Quick and easy setup.

- USB Rechargeable.


- None so far.


Pulling the trigger of an AR-15 and not hearing a gun shot and no backfire is a strange feeling. With a simple swap of your bolt carrier and magazine, the Mantis Blackbeard is ready to go. After a few trigger pull, you will start get used to the system. With every trigger pull, it activates the built-in laser and resets your trigger. It's very satisfying to be able to rapid fire and focus on your training. And best of all, there's no bullet cost to factor in.


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