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Solar Charger, STOON 25000mAh Solar Power Bank

Yes, it's a 25,000mAh Power Pack/Bank. I have a lot of power packs, but the most power I had was a 10,000mAh. Now with one, I no longer have to carry multiple packs. When I go camping, I usually bring along 3-4 different power packs. One is a solar, One is rugged, One has 2 usb ports, and one is 10,000mAh. When you have 3 kids, including myself - you bring iPads, cell phones, drone, GoPro, rechargeable batteries, rechargeable headlamps, and flashlights. AKA - Glamping. With this Power Pack, it's an all in one. It has 2 usb ports, 1 usb-c port and a pretty bright flashlight. The loop that comes with it, is great to carry on your backpack, belt, or just hang it with a carabiner. I'm very happy with the all in one features, massive power storage and the ruggedness.


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