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Nooie Cam 360


The Nooie Cam 360 is listed as a baby monitor. But this camera is definitely more than that. The aesthetic is simple and yet elegant, just pleasing to the eyes. Great design on that. As far as the tech behind the camera, it's got all the bells and whistles you would expect an IP camera would have - night vision, two-way audio, motion tracking, 1080P, 360°, etc. Quick note on the 360 function is that, it's not a continuous 360°. It rotates 180 one way then you will need to pan back the other direction. Would be nice to have full 360 but not a deal breaker for me. Using your finger to swipe left or right to control the camera is smooth and feels natural. If you enabled notifications for motion or sound, it's pretty fast to get the alert.


  • Range: 360° horizontal, 90° vertical.

  • Field of view: 101°.

  • Night Vision: 940nm IR LEDs (Enhanced).

  • Resolution: 1080p.

  • Storage: local micro-SD or cloud.

  • Motion tracking.

  • Compatible with Google home & Alexa.


  • Looks great.

  • Very easy to setup using the Nooie App.

  • 1080P HD camera, very nice quality even in night vision.

  • Local storage using micro-SD card.

  • Wall mountable (comes with screws and mount).


  • Sometimes the camera loads a bit slow via the App.


I've really been enjoying the Nooie Cam 360. It sits in my living room and doesn't feel out of place. The setup was a breeze and had no issue using the App to live view or scan through previous footage. The Nooie camera passes on the three criteria I look for - Stable, Video Quality, and Looks good. Being a PTZ camera with motion tracking is a huge plus. Finally with a retail price of $49.99, this camera is a must to add to your home security devices.


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