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Truly portable gimbal

I've had the DJI Osmo mobile before and I still have Zhiyun Smooth Q gimbal. It's great and smooth with 3-axis. Good battery life. All the bells and whistles. But when I saw the SmoothX, the main thing I realized is the portability. The other gimbals I've had all have the same problem, it's not easy to carry around. I basically need to have a backpack to store the gimbal. With the Smooth X in folded position, it's really nice to carry around and really be able to use it. The setup is quite easy after you learn the steps. It's well built and doesn't feel flimsy at all. One concerned I had before was the 2-axis. But after using it for a week, the video footage is great. The main point is, the footage is stable. Doesn't matter if it's 10 axis, as long as the video is stable. The app does come with lots of options. Like odject or face tracking, pano, hyperlapse, etc. One other cool feature is the SMART mode. It gives you a template to follow easily to make a short video. Loving it and will continue using it to make more fun videos.


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