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Life N Soul B106 Bluetooth earphones

Been testing out a few bluetooth headsets, but when I came across these B106 bluetooth earphones, it immediately took my attention.

Despite looking bulky, these earphones are very light weight. Using the correct earbud tip size, you will be enjoying the earphones for hours. Watching movies using the B106 were quite comfortable. One thing though, the volume is a bit low on these earphones.

The power button is hidden in the right side of the earphones. The voice prompts is nice. It announces power on, off and devices connected. Press and hold the power button enables the pairing mode. Pairing with IOS or Android is a breeze. Nice feature is that it supports 2 devices. And it automatically switches between the active device.

The volume button is also on the right side of the earphones.

For IOS users only, there’s also the battery indicator, so you’ll know when to charge. When it’s low on battery, there’s also a voice prompt.

The B106 earphones style is good for active lifestyle. The ear piece fits and stays in ears. The best part, it doesn’t mess with your hair. Overall these are a good choice if you’re looking for bluetooth earphones. Battery life is quite good. At least every time I use them, it’s still got battery left. Please note these are not Beats, so don’t expect heavy bass.


  • Bluetooth 4.0 allows for pairing with two different devices

  • Bluetooth capability of up to 30ft

  • Easily switch between phone calls and music

  • Lightweight makes it easy to wear for long periods of time

  • Comfortable, noise blocking ear pieces fit to stay in your ears through intense motion

  • 7 hour music play time

  • 7 hour phone talk time

  • Small, compact size allows for extreme portability

  • Sweat-proof coating great for working out

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