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686 Men's Everywhere Multi Pant

Usually we have certain pants for certain purpose. Dress pants for meetings. Jeans to go out. Joggers for relaxing at home. Hiking pants for hiking or outdoor activities. Shorts for hotter days. Well then comes the 686 Everywhere Multi Pant. These are not your regular pants. These pants got so many features (listed below) and thoughts and design behind it, it's incredible. When I saw these pants online, the 10 pocket design already sold me. The shoelace system that doesn't require you to use a belt - Awesome! The large side pocket that can turn the pants into a bag - Genius! The DWR finish that makes the pants pretty much water resistant - Unbelievable!

These pants are good looking, slim fit, super comfortable, stretchable, water resistant (DWR finish) and packable! Just amazing the amount of tech these pants have in it.

Initially I was going to try them on and then move on to the next. I got them about a month ago and I've been wearing them almost 4 times a week. One of cool features is the UPF 40+. I live in Las Vegas and the heat does heat up pretty well here. While driving, with the sun shining thru, I can feel my t-shirt warmer up from the heat. But these pants, just doesn't absorb the heat.

One of the other features is the DWR finish that helps from weather and/or accidents. For example we were having lunch in a restaurant, the person across the table accidentally spilled some water on the table. I didn't think much of it, since it was cleaned up right away. Well that's what I thought. The table was a bit slanted towards met, and I didn't realize there was a stream of water running towards me. A moment later I then realized my shirt was wet. But I looked at my Everywhere pants, and saw the water just beaded away as if nothing was there or affected.

It's moments like this when you realize how appreciative a simple pair of pants can avoid ruining your day or your pants.


  • DWR Finish

  • Durable 92% Nylon/8% Spandex Stretch Fabric with Duracore Thread + DWR

  • Articulated Slim Fit

  • Improved Reinforced Buttonhole

  • Reinforced Pocket Openings

  • Innie + Outie Waist Drawcord System

  • Longer Side Zipper Vent Pocket + Packable into Mesh Bag

  • Shell DesignStain Resistant Finish

  • Breathable Fabric

  • UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) 40+

  • Cross Gusset for Mobility

  • Darts for Articulation

  • 10 Pocket Design

  • Belt Loop Stash Pocket

  • RFID Blocking Pocket to Protect Your Credit Cards

  • Card Pockets

  • Coin Pocket


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