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Accell Powramid Power Center

Product Description:

The Powramid Power Center and USB Charging Station is the Ideal Power Solution for Home or Office Use. It's adapter friendly design is perfect for placement on top of a desk or a conference room table, providing easy access to multiple power outlets. The dual USB charging ports provide 2.1A charging for power hungry USB powered devices such as mobile phones, tablets or portable music players. Typical surge protectors continue to supply power even after they no longer are providing surge protection, exposing connected devices to potential damage from a power surge. With its Power Stop technology, the Powramid automatically stops conducting power once the absorption has reached capacity. The Powramid provides advanced 1080 Joules of surge protection and features patented X3 MOV technology for maximum safety to all connected devices. The Powramid USB Charging Station is available in black or white and features a 6 foot heavy duty power cord. The Powramid features advanced X3 MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) technology that provides the safest surge protection by detecting surge conditions and reacts by directing excess energy away from equipment through the electrical grounding system. The MOV's are encased in a fireproof material, fully containing the heat created by the power surge and eliminating the threat of fire. This advanced X3 MOV technology fully protects connected equipment from rehazard during an abnormal or catastrophic surge event and provides longer protection lifespan than regular MOV.


The pyramid style is perfect for various adapters. On a traditional 6 plug surge protector, you won’t be able to fit various clunky adapters and battery chargers.

To test the versatility of the Powramid, used the following configuration:

2 regular power cords

2 adapters

1 Canon point and shoot camera battery charger.

1 big clunky Eneloop battery charger.

As you can see, all plugs fit perfectly in.

Less clatter and keeps everything organized. The best part is one surge protector is enough to fit all the devices plugged. No more daisy chaining surge protectors.


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