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Something that make sense from SimpleSENCE

This SimpleSENCE review took me awhile to do. As soon as I got it, I downloaded the app, setup an account, enter your wifi info, email and phone number and that was it. No fuss, no pain, it was simple. I tested it by simulating water spill. It worked right away, got a text and email. Great!

Now for some real life testing, I placed it by my water heater in the garage. Since my unit is over ten years old, something might happen to it anytime. Well, after months went by, no leak, no alarm and I eventually forgot about it.

A week ago, I noticed my kitchen sink had a small leak in the hose connector. I replaced the hose and thought maybe it's a good idea to monitor if it's the hose or the connector issue. I then moved the SimpleSENCE to under my kitchen sink. After weeks went by, no spill, no alarm and thought problem resolved. Well, last evening got the alarm alert. Looked under the sink right away and saw the water spill again. The two metal strips at the bottom of the sensor is very sensitive. Therefore any amount of water, it will send out an alert.

This was the exact scenario the SimpleSENCE is great for. It senses a water spill and sends message via text and email to you immediately. The device itself also have an audible alarm sound. This definitely gives me a piece of mind and don't have to constantly check for any water leak under the sink or anywhere you install it. With no monthly fee or subscription, the SimpleSENCE is the way to go to protect your home from unforeseen water spills. After a year, the battery life is at 90%.

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